M35A3 2.5 Ton 6x6 w/ 900 Gal. Fuel Tank- Local Pickup

We had a good looking M35A3 that we brought in and gave some love. We did a full service job, changed out the tires and added better ones. Installed a 900 gal. Fuel Tank in the bed of the vehicle, also added a drop side cargo bed and cleaned that up. Customer was happy to put this to work.

M923 900 Series 5 Ton 6x6- Local Pickup

This truck was already pretty good to begin with. We went through and serviced the truck, cleaned up some paint spots, added a couple high tread matching tires, recovered the seats and got it dialed in for a local electric company.

M923A2 900 Series Bobbed 5 Ton 4x4- Shipped- Oregon

This build turned out amazing. Customer was happy. Was worth the wait. We added: Upgraded DOT LED Lighting Package, 60 Amp Reducer, Block Heater, Rear Trailer Hitch w/ Hook-Up, Locking Door Handles, Turn Key Ignition, 18,000 Lb Electric Winch-Extended, Custom 5 Ton 10 Ft. Bed, 80 Amp Alternator upgrade, Spare Tire Rack w/ Spare Tire and Wheel, Upgraded Floor Padding, Fiberglass Top w/ Rear Sliding Window. We added the 14.00R20 Michelin XZL Tires. Finished it off with the Battle Ship Grey Paint Scheme. Great teamwork on this build. Another great looking Boyce build shipped to a happy customer.

M998 HMMWV Pickup Truck- Shipped- California

We built this truck for a company running a off-road zip-line adventure park. We got the truck serviced, dialed in, added the troop seating in the rear, installed seat belts for a 8 passenger hauling vehicle. Recovered seats, custom built seat padding for passengers. Truck turned out great. Customers were very happy.

M35A2 Bobbed 2.5 Ton 4x4- Shipped to Kentucky

Great looking Boyce Custom Bobbed M35A2. A lot of work done to this truck. Option include: DOT Lighting Package, Sliding Rear Window, 20 Amp Reducer, Power Steering, A/C (Between the Seats) w/ Upgraded Passenger Spring Ride Seat, Block Heater, Rear Trailer Hitch w/ 7 Pin, Spare Tire w/Custom Wheel, Boyce Locking Hubs, Locking Door Handles, Battery On/Off Key Switch, 18,000 Lb. Electric Winch w/Extensions, ARB Air Lockers installed in both axles, 395/85R20 XZL Michelin Tires w/Custom Wheels. Finished the truck off with the all Satin Black Paint Job. Gorgeous looking truck. Customer was very happy, he waited a good while for this truck. Happy we could finally get it done. We love building thes

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