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M35A2 Bobbed Deuce 4x4

Boyce Equipment offers a custom built Bobbed Deuce that is ready to work or play. Our trucks are serviced in a modern facility and we offer many customized options. Tires, Tops, Long Frames, Short Frames, we always complete it the way you want it. Boyce Equipment has been selling military trucks and parts for over 50 years and we know how to get it done.
M35A2 Bobbed 4x4
M35A2 Bobbed 4x4
   Base Price of $34,500.00 Includes:​

- ​New Fiberglass Top (Removable)​​

- Recovered Seats (Driver Seat Spring Ride)

- Electrical- Checked out completely

- LDT 465 Turbo Charged Engine, Low Mileage,   Checked out and Serviced

- 5 Speed Overdrive Transmission- Serviced​

- Air Shift Transfer Case- Serviced

- Air Over Hydraulic Brakes- Serviced​

- 4 New Custom 20X11 Wheels (Not Surplus)

- 4 NOS 395/85R20 Michelin/Goodyear Tires

- Cooling System Serviced w/ New Hoses/Belts

- Fresh Industrial Paint (1 Color)

- Fully Serviced

- Good Clear Window Glass

- Operating Windshield Wipers​

- 2 New Group 34 Batteries

- West Coast Mirrors

- Shortened or Lengthened to Customer Specs

- M105 Trailer Bed (Installed)

- Upgraded Padded Flooring

- DOT Lighting Bed/Top/Backup/License

*Freight charges not included in base price*

*We will be removing Engine and Transmission from the truck and installing new Head Gasket, Rear Main Seal, Clutch Kit, and add Paint*



- DOT LED Lighting Package               $1,500.00 

- Sliding Rear Window                              $210.00​​

- Bucket Seat Spring Ride Passenger      $450.00

- Camo Painting                                    $1,500.00​​

- Hydraulic Power Steering                  $4,250.00​​

- A/C Kit (12V/24V)- Under-Dash           $1,900.00​​

- A/C Kit (12V24V)- Above Head           $2,300.00

- A/C Kit (12V/24V)- Between Seat       $2,300.00

- Block Heater                                           $185.00​​

- 24/12 V 60 Amp Solid State Reducer​     $565.00

- 24/12 V 20 Amp Solid State Reducer     $270.00

- Winch Installed (PTO Driven)             $2,800.00​​

- PTO Installed w/ PTO Shaft to Rear       $995.00​​

- Rear Trailer Hitch Installed                    $350.00

(Options: 24 to 12 Volt 7 Pin Trailer Plug)       $350.00​​

- Spare Tire and Custom Wheel            $1,000.00​​

- Spare Tire and Stock GI Wheel              $450.00​​

- Detroit Locker Installed (Per Axle)        $890.00​​​

- ARB Air Locker Installed (Per Axle)   $1,550.00

- Lock Out Hubs Installed                         $500.00

- Custom Cargo Bed Length                 $1,500.00

- 15K-18K LB. Electric Winch      $1,800-$2,200

- Dump Bed (Installed)                          $3,850.00

- Disc Brake Conversion                       $3,200.00

disclaimer: we reserve the right to change prices, or not sale an item, due to error in pricing. we may also notify you for any back order parts.
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