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We stock P.T.O. winches starting at 6,000 lbs all the way up to 60,000 lbs.  Front mounted, we usually have what you need. Our 20,000 lbs Garwood, is ideal installing in the rear of trucks with a 34 inch frame width. It can be bolted to a stock frame. The width (30 in.) is sometimes bulky, mounted in front. It fits nicely under truck beds.  Weight - 220 lbs.

​Our 12,000 lbs Garwood winch is the most popular since it can be mounted between most stock truck frames (34 in.). Bolts from outside of the frame.  Weight - 156 lbs. We also carry easy to use electric winches as well.
20,000 LB Garwood Winch

20,000 LB

12,000 LB Garwood Winch

10,000 LB

5 Ton 800 Series 20,000 LB Garwood w/o Cable                    $1,295.00​​
M35 2.5 Ton 10,000 LB Garwood w/o Cable                                 $995.00
5 Ton 800 series 20,000 LB Garwood Winch Complete         $3,500.00​
M35 2.5 Ton 10,000 LB Garwood Winch Complete                 $3,500.00​

Mile Marker Electrical Winch

18,000 LB Electric Winch
18,000 LB 24 V. Electric
Mile Marker Winch . . . . . .  $1,300.00
15,000 LB 12 V. Electric
Mile Marker Winch . . . . . .  out of stock

15,000 LB 24 V. Electric
Mile Marker Winch . . . . .    $1,150.00

900 Series 5 Ton Winch 

This is a complete 900 Series 5 Ton Winch Kit. Comes with everything you need to bolt up to your military rig.
*Call For Availability & Price*
disclaimer: we reserve the right to change prices, or not sale an item, due to error in pricing. we may also notify you for any back order parts.
Due to high call volumes we have made it company policy not to give out part numbers or contact information for our suppliers. It will be your responsibility to source the info you require using your own resources. When we allocate our staff to help customers who wish not to purchase from us, it takes away time and services from our paying customers.
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