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Military Transmissions

We offer good used takeout and rebuilt transmission for 1 ton, 2.5 ton, and 5 ton military trucks. Fully syncroed and will hold up to large horsepower gas and diesel engines. Replacement parts always in stock.                                                      

2.5 Ton - 5 Ton

2.5 Ton 3053A Spicer Transmission
3053A & 3052  $2,200.00 + $500.00 CORE
- 2.5 Ton Applications - 5 Speed Overdrive (3053A)​​
​                                       5 Speed Direct (3052)

Make: Spicer

Model: 3053A

Gear Ratio:       Reverse   5.90:1             Third       1.89:1

                          First        6.00:1             Fourth     1.00:1​

                          Second    3.31:1             Fifth        0.85:1


*The 3053A Spicer Transmission fit almost all Diesel applications as well as most Chevrolet engines.  Dodge and Ford applications are more expensive to install.*

5 Ton 6453 Transmission
6453 & 6352 ​ $2,390.00 + $400.00 CORE
- 5 Ton Applications - 5 Speed Overdrive (6453)
                             5 Speed Direct (6352)
We do carry and offer takeout
Allison Automatic Transmissions
for the 900 Series 5 Ton and M35A3 2.5 Ton Truck.

Call For Price & Availability

government rebuild

900 series 5 ton

MT654cr allison 5 speed


w/ torque converter 

in container


*with Core Charge*

($5,950 + $1,000 Core charge)

power take-off

disclaimer: we reserve the right to change prices, or not sale an item, due to error in pricing. we may also notify you for any back order parts.
Due to high call volumes we have made it company policy not to give out part numbers or contact information for our suppliers. It will be your responsibility to source the info you require using your own resources. When we allocate our staff to help customers who wish not to purchase from us, it takes away time and services from our paying customers.
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