Marc R.
Hayward, CA

I just wanted to say that I have been looking at military vehicles for the past few years. I was on the fence on whether or not I wanted to have a Deuce or 5 Ton. Ive watched video upon video and have learned so much on the differences and comparable capabilities. At first I only knew of individuals acquiring these vehicles through govt. auctions. I was a little deterred from ever owning one because I had no knowledge of auctions. Nor did I have the means of refurbishing it and getting it to the looks of my desire after purchase. That is until I learned that there are companies that do this for you. Once I learned of this my discouragement went away and the wheels turned on how can I now make this happen. 


After being denied a loan from my primary bank for a "military vehicle", I finally achieved funding from a bank I had no previous relationship with. After realizing the prices of the 1st company I contacted were not for the common man. The 2nd company I dealt with for several weeks informed me that they wouldnt take partial credit card payments over a certain amount which was ridiculous. I worked hard and long to have good credit and that wasnt acceptable to them. Then, along came Boyce Equipment.com...


I saw a Youtube video of a past client who mentioned your company and I was pleased with what I saw. I was also pleased with the content and structure of your website. Very thorough with numerous pictures within each category including pricing. I chose Boyce over the others because I see quality in your builds. I got immediate, polite, attentive and thorough answers to all of my questions regarding my build. I was given round-the-clock access to Dallas via e-mail and text given our time zone difference. All of these reasons for choosing Boyce Equipment are highly important to me on a personal level,as well as, within a business relationship. 


My Bobbed M923A2 build had a very fast turnaround from Start to Delivery despite being on a waiting list also. Boyce Equipment doesnt disappoint and doesnt deliver anything short of Quality. It almost feels as though I purchased a new truck. The paint job including interior, exterior, chassis, and even motor was done professionally. That alone superceded my expectations! The interior was very well done, mechanical aspects, aesthetics, add-ons, etc were all impressive above and beyond. No agreed upon task was overlooked or forgotten. Even prior follow up calls were made to eliminate confusion or mishaps. 


This team are truly professional at what they do and they make the entire process painless, affordable and stress-free. I cant express how happy and pleased I am with this purchase. I truly wish that I could shake the hand of every member involved including those behind the scenes. As Ex-Military (U.S. Navy), I'd like to thank Boyce Equipment for YOUR services...

Jamie W.
Brandon, MS
Greg S. 
Buckner, MO
Ron F.
Billings, MT
Josh E.
Silt, CO
Sherilyn H. (Anakeesta)
Gatlinburg, TN

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