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 Boyce Equipment Axles

Dana Front 44's, 60's, 70's Axles​
Dana 60 Front w/ 14 Bolt Rear
GM Corp 14-Bolt Rear Axles & More
GM 14 Bolt Rear Axle
Rockwell 2.5 Ton Axles
Planetary Axles
Rockwell 5 Ton Axles

What our Axles go through:

1. All our axles are first disassembled to the bare housing, then completely cleaned and checked for wear. Any part showing undue wear is replaced.
2. Our axles are then reassembled with new seals, knuckle boots, brake pads and wheel cylinders.
3. At that time or reassembly, your axle can be built with gear changes (Limited slip-locking-differentials) custom disk brakes, spring pads/moved, housing modifications with little or no labor charge at the time of purchase.
4. Then, all our axles are painted primer or black and then packed and shipped.  We take pride in sending you a 100% Guaranteed rebuilt axle.
5. We ship you axle to you!
All other rebuilt parts go through the same process and demand our utmost attention. We also have many used and government rebuilt axles in stock.  We have been praised by many who have purchased our axles and other equipment. They have expressed great satisfaction in our quality and workmanship, and quite frankly, we love the compliments and intend to earn more.​
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