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hmmwv (humvee)

M998 - M1038 - M1037 - M1035


- Diesel (GM 6.2 L Engine/V8) 380 cu in
- Diesel (GM 6.5 L Engine/V8) 400 cu in 
  160 HP @ 3400 RPM 
- 3 Speed/4 Speed Automatic Transmission
- Full-Time 4 Wheel Drive
- Dual Range Transfer Case
- Independent Suspension w/ 4 Wheel 
  Double-Wishbone Suspension
- Helical Gear Reduction
- Inboard Disc Brakes
- Power Steering
- 24 V Electrical System
- 37x12.5x16.5 Tires w/ Bead-Lock Wheels

*Call for Price and Availability*
we carry different options when we build the hmmwv
Aluminum hard doors
fiberglass hard tops w/doors
hard doors w/ power windows
electric winch setup
24/12 v reducer

m998 humvee for sale

give us a call for price and availability. many in stock.
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