Rockwell 5 Ton Axles

Our 5 Ton Military Axles are used for the all-out enthusiast who aren't satisfied with just a big truck. These axles are sold to those of you who would like to run a tire bigger than 60 inches.  Monster Trucks, Mud Boggers, and Tractor Pullers have used these axles. If you're building a street legal truck, these are probably out of the question.
Front & Rear Rockwell
5 Ton Takeout Axles
MTF-500 Front Axle (900 Series)​  $2,500.00
MTR-500 Rear Axle (900 Series)  $1,600.00
MTF-500 Front Axle (800 Series)​  $2,100.00
MTR-500 Rear Axle (800 Series)  $1,400.00
​*Takeout Axles are checked before being shipped*
Front & Rear Rebuilt Rockwell 5 Ton Axles
MTF-500R Front Axle (Rebuilt)  $3,400.00
MTR-500R Rear Axle (Rebuilt)   $2,400.00

Axles Specs

These Axles come with a stock 6:44 gear ratio and a stout 2 inch axle shaft.  They keep getting more popular with all types of applications.
Add On Options
Rebuilt Rockwell 5 Ton Front Axles
Pinion Mount Disc Brake Kit                  $580.00
​Hydraulic Steering Kit -                           $1,200.00
Axle Shortened -                                        $300.00
Rebuilt Rockwell 5 Ton Rear Axles
​Pinion Mount Disc Brake Kit -                   $580.00
​​5 Ton Detroit Lockers -                                  CALL
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