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Rockwell 5 Ton Axles

Our 5 Ton Military Axles are used for the all-out enthusiast who aren't satisfied with just a big truck. These axles are sold to those of you who would like to run a tire bigger than 60 inches.  Monster Trucks, Mud Boggers, and Tractor Pullers have used these axles. If you're building a street legal truck, these are probably out of the question.
Front & Rear Rockwell
5 Ton Takeout Axles

MTF-500 Front Axle (900 Series- A1)​  $3,200.00
MTR-500 Rear Axle (900 Series- A1)   $2,900.00
MTR-500 Front/Rear Axle (900 Series- A2) -  Call For Price
MTF-500 Front Axle (800 Series)​  $2,100.00
MTR-500 Rear Axle (800 Series)   $1,400.00
​*Takeout Axles are checked before being shipped*
Rebuilt Rockwell 5 Ton Axles w/ Disc Brakes
Front & Rear Rebuilt Rockwell 5 Ton Axles
800 Series 5 Ton Axle
MTF-500R Front Axle (Rebuilt)   
​MTR-500R Rear Axle (Rebuilt)   $2,400.00

Axles Specs

These Axles come with a stock 6:44 gear ratio and a stout 2 inch axle shaft.  They keep getting more popular with all types of applications.
900 Series 5 Ton Axle
MTF-500R Front Axle- A1 (Rebuilt)  
MTR-500R Rear Axle- A1 (Rebuilt)   $3,800.00
MTR-500R Front/Rear Axle- A2 (Rebuilt)
Call For Price
Add On Options
Rebuilt Rockwell 5 Ton Front Axles
Pinion Mount Disc Brake Kit -                   $580.00
​Hydraulic Steering Kit -                          $1,725.00
Axle Shortened -                                        $300.00
Rebuilt Rockwell 5 Ton Rear Axles
​Pinion Mount Disc Brake Kit -                   $580.00
​​5 Ton Detroit Lockers -                                  CALL
disclaimer: we reserve the right to change prices, or not sale an item, due to error in pricing. we may also notify you for any back order parts.
Due to high call volumes we have made it company policy not to give out part numbers or contact information for our suppliers. It will be your responsibility to source the info you require using your own resources. When we allocate our staff to help customers who wish not to purchase from us, it takes away time and services from our paying customers.
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