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M925A2 900 Series 5 Ton 6x6- Shipped, Arizona

This was a badass build we did. We took the M925A2 and transformed it. We added: 16.00R20 Goodyear Tires, 18,000 LB Electric Winch, 60 Amp Reducer, Receiver Hitch w/ Hook-ups, Overhead A/C, Locking Door Handles, Battery ON/OFF Switch, Detroit Lockers- Installed in Both Rear Axles, Added the HEMMT Wheels in the front for steering clearance, Upgraded 80 Amp Alternator, Fiberglass Top w/ Sliding Window. Finished it off with the CARC Green and Black Paint Scheme. Love what the customer wanted to do with this truck. Well done by the guys in the shop. On to the next build.


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