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M35A3 Bobbed 2.5 Ton 4x4- Customer Pick-Up

Well this build has a crazy story. First, we will talk about the different options added. We added Boyce Locking Hubs, Swapped A3 axles to the A2 axle setup, 60 Amp Reducer, 18,000 Lb. Electric Winch, Rear Sliding Window in Fiberglass Top, Custom 5 Ton 9 ft. Bed, Custom Cargo Cover w/Bows/Racks (Cover not pictured), On/Off Switch, Block Heater, 395/85R20 XZL Tires, Recovered Seats, Upgraded Floor Padding. We finished it off with the Battleship Grey w/ Black Paint Scheme. Customer was very happy with it. Okay, so the back story. Truck was ready to go. Customer was ready to come pick it up. He and his wife drove out his Harley to pick up on a Friday. Wednesday, we noticed the transmission acting funny. We knew he was going to drive from Utah to New Mexico. Didn't feel comfortable with Transmission, so we put new rebuilt transmission in on Thursday. We noticed later on that day is was leaking and not shifting correctly. We had an issue. Friday morning, customer shows up as we are pulling the rebuilt trans out of truck and installing another one. Now these are pretty hard to change out if you have never done it. My guys rallied all day long, got another rebuild trans put in. We sent customers out for a good sight seeing adventure on their bike throughout the day. We had the truck ready for them at the end of the day with now issues. They were very patient and understanding through this whole situation. We loaded the Harley up in the bed of truck. Strapped it down and off they went. Left Saturday and got home Sunday. Wish that wouldn't of happened, but at the end of the day, the guys pulled it off and customer was happy with final product.


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