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M35A3 Bobbed 2.5 Ton Truck- Arizona

This was a great M35A3 Bobbed 2.5 Ton build. We want to thank Charles for his patience and help through this build. Story: We had the truck ready to go for the paint shop, Charles was in town, so he wanted to see this beast of a truck. He came down and checked out our shop and was really happy with what he saw. He got up into his truck, and for a guy that is 6'4", we noticed that it was going to be uncomfortable for him; the steering wheel is hitting his knees, he can't use the brake because his legs are lodged under the steering. It was not looking good, but we had a plan. We talked him into doing the power steering, but by doing this, we were able to pitch the steering column up out of the way and add a smaller steering wheel to make the ride more comfortable, this was to enable him to have more room, so his knees weren't hitting anything. So far, so good. Once we got that taken care of, off to paint. We did another awesome gun metal grey color will black undercarriage that turned out great. We also added on top of the power steering and paint was: the hydraulic front winch, DOT lighting on cab and bed, 24/12 V reducer, rear hitch, locking hubs, spare tire, sliding rear window, locking door handles, ignition switch, and LED headlights. All in all, truck turned out exactly as planned, very happy.

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