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M35A3 Bobbed 2.5 Ton- Shipped to Alabama

Can't wait for our customer to get this truck. Shipping it all the way to Alabama. One of the top favorite paint jobs with the Satin Black finish. What did we do to this truck? We added: Power Steering, DOT Lighting, A/C, Converted the truck to 12V, Key Start, Locking Door Handles, Rear Trailer Hitch, Trailer Wiring Hookup, Locking Hubs, 15,000 LB. Electric Mile Marker Winch, and LED Headlights, plus all the basics that come with the truck. This truck has the Allison Automatic, and 3116 Cat Engine. It was a fun truck to build. Want to thank Adam and letting us build this truck for him. Job well done by the Boyce Equipment Crew.

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