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M923A2 Bobbed 900 Series 5 Ton 4x4 w/ Rear Steering- Local Pickup

where do we begin on this build. there was not a lot of options added, but the options that were added. pretty sweet for what this truck is being used for. our buddy mike, with big iron tours out of Moab, Utah is currently running a couple of the m35's to do tours in Moab. he decided it would be time to get a bigger truck and add the must haves to this truck. with this truck being bigger vs. the m35's mike wanted to add rear steering for those tough turns on the desert trails. So, we did that. adding a front axle in the rear and adding a psc performance hydraulic rear steering kit. we added the 16.00R20 michelin xzl tires with matching hemmt wheels, redirected the exhaust and added a couple other small parts that he wanted. truck turned out amazing. he is added a 12' m35a3 bed that will be built with a cage for people to ride in. can't wait to see final product. again, truck turned out amazing. on to the next build...


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