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M818 Bobbed 800 Series 5 Ton 4x4- Shipped- Santa Maria, CA

this is the first 800 Series 5 Ton that we have custom built into a 4x4. when customer called and said, "I want the 2.5 ton because of the manual 5 speed transmission, but I want a Cummins engine in it," our first thought was, "well, the 2.5 ton doesn't come with a Cummins, sorry, but the 800 series 5 ton has a cummins engine and the 5 speed manual transmission, what about this truck," customer loved the idea and said, "yes please." so, we built it, and man was it a good idea. would love to build more of these in the future. cool thing about this truck, it is a M818 tractor, giving you dual fuel tanks, that's a plus especially when we are paying $5 per gallon at the pumps. what options was added?

We added the led lighting package, sliding rear window in the fiberglass hard top, 60 amp 24/12v reducer, rear trailer hitch w/ 7 pin hook-up, power on/off keyed switch, detroit locker installed in rear axle, removed passenger bench seat and added matching drivers spring ride seat, added the 18,000 lb electric winch (extended bumper), customer upgraded the tires to the 53" 16.00R20 michelin xzl tires (added bridge truck spacers for clearance). We also cut down a 14' bed down to over 10' long, couple other small stuff. customer picked out the carc tan paint job with black undercarriage. again, this truck truly turned out amazing. we have a happy customer, and we can now show this build off for those that are interested in future builds. on to the next build..


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