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M35A3 Bobbed 2.5 Ton 4x4 (2)- Shipped- Ft. Collins, CO

The Jacobs brothers bought themselves the M35A3 Custom Bobbed 4x4. Shipped out today. What a good looking load for the truck driver. What options did we add?:

Both trucks were built very similar, just different camo schemes. They added Power Steering, 20 Amp Reducer, A/C (Between Seats), Locking Door Handles, On/Off Power Switch, 900 Series Tool Box, Bostrom Air Ride Seats (Driver and Passenger), LED Headlights (*We moved the headlights in a different spot, they are planning on building a custom grill in the front placed with the headlights, We also extended the bumper to help accommodate their custom grill*), We added the 395/85R20 MV/T Goodyear Tires with custom wheels, Fiberglass Top and Hood. Trucks turned out amazing. More builds coming...


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