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M35A2 Bobbed 2.5 Ton 4x4 w/ M105 Trailer- Shipped to Ontario, Canada

Bobbed M35A2 4x4 w/ M105 Trailer. Options:

Our customer chose the CARC Green w/Black Undercarriage, we also painted the trailer the same color. We added the fiberglass top with rear sliding window. We removed the passenger bench seat and added a matching drivers side spring ride seat. We added a Block Heater, 60 Amp Reducer, Boyce Locking Hubs, 900 Series Tool Box, Spare Tire and Custom Wheel. We also added the 395/85R20 Michelin XZL Tires w/Custom Wheels. We also installed the original PTO Driven Winch and also installed a Double Drive PTO. Haven't shipped into Canada for quite sometime. Hoping for a smooth transition through the border, never know what to expect with COVID restrictions. We are all crossing our fingers for a safe ride to our customer. We are all excited to get this one done. On to the next build.


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