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M35A2 Bobbed 2.5 Ton 4x4 w/ 8" Lift- Shipped to PA

This is the 2nd truck we have done like this. Again, this one turned out just as amazing as the other truck we built a couple years ago. The added 8" Black Rock Fab Lift turns this already huge truck into mega huge. Customer added:

16.00R20 Goodyear Tires w/Custom Wheels, Power Steering, Fiberglass Hard Top w/Sliding Window, 20 Amp Reducer, Boyce Lock Out Hubs, ARB Lockers (Front & Rear), Locking Door Handles, Power ON/OFF Switch, Dump Hoist, 900 Series Tool Box, Block Heater, 15,000 Lb. Electric Mile Marker Winch, Finished off with the Satin Black Paint Job. Customer also added a snorkel kit and a few other items to the build. Truck is amazing, words can't describe. We have a happy customer and that is all that matters. On to the next build...


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