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M923 Bobbed 900 Series 5 Ton 4x4- Shipped to Humble, Texas

It's about time!! We love these trucks as 6x6, we love customizing the M35A2's to 4x4, but it's finally about time we convert these 5 tons into a bobbed 5 ton. They are massive, and such a great eye catcher. The benefits of these newer 5 tons is that they come with a Cummins Engine, they come with an Allison Automatic, and they also come with power steering. Can't beat that. We customized this truck with a 15,000 lbs electric winch, 60 amp reducer, 12' cargo bed w/ troop seats/bows/cover, DOT lighting, spare tire/wheel, LED headlights, locking door handles, and finished it off with the fire truck red. Truck is going to a fire department and being used for high water rescue. Might be close to being the build of they year. All the guys worked their tails off to get this done. Another great looking Boyce build.

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