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M925A2 900 Series 5 Ton 6x6 w/ Custom Dump Bed- Customer Pickup

I want to thank Brady & Tom Morris for all the back and forth communication while building this custom 5 Ton. This truck turned out great. We were happy to be apart of a cool build like this. Tom & Brady flew into to SLC, they came to our facility and picked up this beast. They had an adventure of a lifetime. They ended up taking the truck down to Gemini Bridges in Moab, then went up Pikes Peak which was a little nerve racking to say the least. They took it out to the Bonneville salt flats, had some fun out there. Ended up logging 2500 miles on their way back to Issaquah, Wa. What a fun experience. We were happy to know that they made it home safely and were very happy with truck. Can't wait to build another one. Another great Boyce build.

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