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M35A2 Bobbed 2.5 Ton 4x4- Shipped to Florida

Another great looking M35A2 Bobbed 2.5 Ton. First, we want to thank Mike for his patience and trust in this. This truck turned out better then expected. What did we do to it? Options? Well Mike had good taste and this is what we did to his truck. First, we ran it through our shop and did a full service on it. We went through the axles, engine, electrical, brakes, glass, transfer case, transmission, everything you need to restore a 1973 deuce. We added: New 395/85R20 Tires w/ Custom Wheels, Fiberglass Top w/ DOT Lighting and Rear Sliding Window, A/C, 24/12 V Reducer, PTO Winch, Lockout Hubs, Power Steering, Locking Door Handles, Ignition Switch, LED Headlights, Rear Trailer Hitch w/ 7 Pin Hook-up, 900 Series 5 Ton Tool Box, and that awesome paint job. The guys did a great job, under some crazy circumstances. Job well done.

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