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M35A3 Bobbed 2.5 Ton- Shipped to Massachusetts

This was the back to back second great truck build. Claude and his friend Bill flew all the way out from Massachusetts to come check out our operation, and also see how their trucks were turning out. Bill's truck was pretty much done by the time he came out, Claude's was getting the final paint job and fine tuning. Claude was the funniest dude. They came down for the weekend and spent some good fun in Utah. We added a couple different options to his truck. We updated and added the Power Steering, added a fiberglass hard top w/sliding rear window, hydraulic driven winch, rear trailer hitch, lock out hubs, disc brakes, passenger spring ride seat, converted axles from the A3 to the A2 version, locking door handles, ignition switch, tool box, 24/12 V 60 amp reducer, brand new 395/85R20 XML tires w/ custom wheels, and we finished it with a shiny gloss black finish paint job. Truck turned out great. Claude was very happy, he is going to add some Harley Davidson touches to it soon. It was awesome meeting him and Bill in person. They will be friends of Boyce Equipment for life.

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