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M1008 Chevy Pickup- Shipped to New York

Words can't describe how this build was. It was a fun build that turned out better then anticipated. Customer was very good to us as far as patience. We wanted to make sure this truck was dialed in and had the top of the line upgrades on it as possible. Jon, from New York, was not a "pain in my ass." He was a great guy to work with and we are happy to get him the truck he deserved. We took this M1008 pickup and upgraded the suspension, throwing a 6 inch lift on it. We added the 37x12.5.16.5 MT Hummer Tires with steel wheels, put a Mile Marker Electric winch on the front, converted the rear axle to disc brakes, installed a trailer hitch with hookups. The list goes on from there. We have built a lot of awesome trucks throughout the years, and we always have our favorites that we don't want to let go. This was one of them. Shipping from our location to New York can have its bumps and delays, but for him to finally get the truck is an accomplishment for all guys involved.

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