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M49A2 Bobbed 2.5 Ton 4x4- Shipped to Miami, FL

Love the different ideas that customers come up with for these custom builds. So, this truck would be considered the first ever truck that we have bobbed and added the dual tires in the rear end. Was always talked about, and finally a customer wanted to do it. Truck turned out amazing, or i would like to say "Badass!" We shipped this truck to a great customer in Miami, FL. Truck options:

We added the DOT Lighting Package, Power Steering, A/C (got to have that in Miami), Locking Door Handles, Keyed Ignition, LED Headlights, added the 12.00R20 Goodyear Tires w/ Dual Tires in Rear, and finished it off with the Satin Black finish. Another great looking build by all the guys in the shop.

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