M923A2 Bobbed 5 Ton 4x4- Shipped to California

January 28, 2020

What an awesome build. Our customer had some very detailed options he wanted. We got everything precisely right and shipped off to a happy customer. We added: DOT LED Lighting Package, Sliding Rear Window in Fiberglass Top, Locking Door Handles, Power On/Off Switch, 60 Amp Reducer, Rear Trailer Hitch w/ 7 Pin, LED Headlights, 80 Amp Alternator Upgrade, Extra Fuel Tank installed, Locking Fuel Cap, We removed the Muffler and installed a Custom Muffler out of view. We used a M105A3 trailer bed for the truck. Added the custom CARC Green paint scheme. Truck turned out great. Good start to they year... On to the next build.





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