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M35A2 2.5 Ton 6x6 (2)- Picked up and driven to Arizona

These were a couple awesome builds that we did. Trucks were decked out and ready for the adventure drive from us to Phoenix, AZ. Got word, that they made is safe and sound with no problems. Which is what we like to hear. We built both trucks identical. The only difference, one truck was a AM General, the other truck was a Kaiser Jeep make. We added high tread 11.00R20 tires, 15,000 lb electric winch, DOT lighting, added Fiberglass Top w/ Sliding windows on both truck, 24/12 V 60 Amp Reducer (Got to charge those phones and GPS units), Added Canvas Covers, and we finished it off with the Gun Metal Grey paint job. We had a lot of people call in days after interested in purchasing, saying they spotted some good looking gun metal grey painted M35A2's traveling down the road. Trucks turned out great. The guys did another great job on both trucks.

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