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M998 Military Humvee (HMMWV) (2)- Shipped/Wyoming

These were 2 awesome Humvee's we got to build for a good friend of ours. We took these trucks and decked them out. The first truck, painted Arctic Camo, turned out awesome. We added aluminum locking doors and an aluminum top with big sliding windows. We added a 15,000 lb. electric mile marker winch and LED headlights, recovered seats, fully serviced. But, that Arctic Camo paint job, took the cake for sure. The other truck was basically the same, minus the aluminum doors and top. We left the soft top and added the original Humvee doors, winch, LED headlights, fully serviced, and added a different Camo scheme paint job. Want to thank the Ellingford family for their patience and life long friendship. A big thumbs up to all the guys in the shop that worked hard on these builds.

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