Boyce Rebuilt Military M Series 24V 60 Amp Alternator
Fits: All M-Series Vehicles, M35, 800 Series 5 Ton & 900 Series 5 Ton
$100.00 Core Charge

**Trucks equipped with a protection control box such as M939 and M809 series: Alternator will be damaged if the vehicle’s engine is not shut down properly. Turn off ignition switch first. Wait until engine rotation completely stops. Then turn off battery switch**

**Installation note: on vehicles equipped with a protection control box, the box and related wire harness should be tested for electrical shorts to ground before installing the new alternator. A damaged or faulty control box or wiring harness will cause damage to the alternator. Alternators damaged from external faults are not returnable.**



M Series 24V 60 Amp Alternator w/ Core (Rebuilt) (10929868)

  • Boyce Part #: A0013002AC


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