800 Series 5 Ton Trucks Inventory

Trucks are sold at "as is price."  We can also add any options that you see from the options page which will increase the price. 
Call us for any option prices and we will take care of you and your ride.

* We will be listing our trucks every month. We have over 100 trucks in stock.  

Listings will be slow during the first part of the year due to weather.  

Call us or send us an email for questions or additional information on trucks.*

M815 w/12 Ft. Plow
Vehicle #: KT5-37
Odometer: 13,111
Year: 1987
Details: 855 NHC 250 Cummins, New 12.00R20 Tires Rubber, Metal Cab, Runs Great, 12 ft. Plow

Price:    sold

M813 w/Winch
Vehicle #: KT5-14
Odometer: 10,421
Year: 1971
Details: Winch, 855 Cummins, Good Rubber, Metal Cab, Runs Strong

Price:    SOLD

Vehicle #: KT5-17
Odometer: 7,460
Year: 1993
Make: AM General
Details: 855 Cummins, Hard Top, Good Running Truck, Custom Flat Bed.

Price: SOLD
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