M35A2 Bobbed 2.5 Ton 4x4- Shipped to Florida

Good looking darker gun metal grey M35A2 Bobbed 2.5 Ton shipped out of here. On its way to Florida to our buddy Blake. Great looking truck, ran excellent. We removed the passenger bench seat and installed a drivers spring ride seat in that spot, added the rear trailer hitch w/ 7 pin hook-up, we also installed the dump bed on it, added ARB Lockers in the front and rear end, 20 amp reducer, DOT lighting package, locking door handles, and a 900 Series 5 Ton tool box for storage in place of where the spare tire rack would be. Truck turned out excellent. All the guys in the shop did an amazing job. On to the next build.

M35A2C 2.5 Ton 6x6- Picked Up, Idaho Bound

Got this truck all dialed in for our customer. He picked it up and drove to Idaho to use for his outfitter hunting truck. This M35A2 was in great condition, we put some better tread tires on it for him, solid all around truck.

M1008 Chevy Pickup- Nevada Bound

Good looking pickup truck. Truck didn't have the original military look to it, so we beefed up the front end with M1008 bumper and brush guard. We also added a 15,000 lb mile marker electric winch which turned out very clean. We added a 6 inch suspension lifted, and we threw on the 37x12.5x16.5 Humvee tires with re-centered bead-lock Humvee wheels. We cleaned up the paint. Customer has a flat bed that he will add on. Clean truck, another great job by the guys in the shop.

M923A2 900 Series 5 Ton 6x6- Shipped to Texas

Good looking M923A2 shipped out to Texas. Truck being retrofitted for any disaster type event, like flood disaster as an example. We added a couple options on the truck. We added a fiberglass hard top (originally had the soft top), Recovered seats, added new glass, 60 amp reducer installed, LED Headlights added, and upgraded the truck to DOT approved lighting, the truck came with bows and cargo cover not pictured, and finally added the paint job. Excited to see the truck all retrofitted when company is done with it.

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