M929A2 900 Series 5 Ton Dump Truck (2)- Shipped to Louisiana

We shipped out (2) M929A2 5 Ton Trucks. What a load! They actually were to tall so we had to take of the head racks on the dumps to pass clearance rules for hauling. We got these trucks serviced ready to go. We added the 11.00R20 dual tires on the rear and then added 365/85R20 Tires on the front of the trucks. Setup looked good. Another happy customer.

M925 900 Series 5 Ton 6x6- Picked-Up

M925 5 ton 6x6. These trucks are perfect for feeding any livestock. The 900 Series 5 Ton is able to carry a 3200 gallon poly tank full of water anywhere. Trucks are perfect farms trucks ready for any terrain or climate. We added the high tread 11.00R20 Goodyear Tires, engine block heater, and we upgraded metal bows to hold down and support the poly tank.

M109A3 2.5 Ton 6x6 Truck- Picked up, Sandy, Utah

The "Doomsday Prepper Truck." At least that's what we like to call it. Truck is perfect for any type of bug out rig. We added some cool things to this truck. Upgraded the tires to brand new Michelin 11.00R20 Tires, installed power steering, installed locking hubs, new metal hard top, locking door handles and ignition start for safety, added extra fuel tank, installed Detroit lockers in the rears, and painted it carc Tan. Truck was fun to build. Again, great bug out vehicle, also has a PTO driven winch to get you out of any sticky situation. Guys did a great job, on to the next.

M923A2 900 Series 5 Ton w/ Plow- Evanston, Wyoming

M923A2, serviced, ready to go. The first thing you will notice is we added a huge electric snow plow to the front of the truck. Truck had a soft top originally, we added a fiberglass hard top, also added a 60 amp 24/12 V reducer inside of the cab. We added a block heater, recovered seats, and couple things. The city will put this to use. Want to thank the guys over at Uinta County. Another Boyce build in the books.

M998 Military Humvee- Shipped to Wisconsin

We added hard doors w/ locking door handles, hard top, and added the gun metal grey paint scheme to this Humvee. Got it serviced and dialed in. Turned out awesome. Shipped this one to our friend Luke Dreckman out of Wisconsin.

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